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Seal Harbor Coastal Communities are unique properties designed to create an architectural ensemble that others in Maine try but are unable to match. We achieve this unique ensemble through the conscientious arrangement of buildings in concert with cars and landscape elements to create more than a place: it creates a world unto itself.

  • The volume of the central space
  • The strategic positioning of the structures that define the space's contours, and
  • The character of all elements within the ensemble.

Central Space

Barefoot Cottage HomesEach of our properties pays special attention to the central unifying space, be it a street, garden, or courtyard that distinguishes this community from all others. This unifying space, more than the buildings, adds the greatest value to the owners considering living in a community. The width of this space has to be in a viscerally "correct" proportion to the height and the length. People instantly know when they enter a well-proportioned space: it feels as welcoming as slipping into a warm bathtub on a winter's eve.

Strategic Positioning of the Structures

Beach Dreams CottagesEqual in importance to the unifying space is the positioning of structures that define the edge and through-ways of the ensemble, giving it shape and dimension. Walls, fences, and buildings may be strategically positioned to obstruct views of less pleasant scenery, or their arrangement may gesture toward a grand vista. Paths lead you to unseen destinations, while arcades and overhanging balconies add a friendly element, promising shelter from rain and sun. A well-positioned porch gently buffers the natural terrain. Grand buildings and a well thought out amenity package allows your imagination to soar.

Character of Elements within the Ensemble

Moose at Beach DreamsThe Seal Harbor ensemble gains character from its architectural facades that are consistent with the region's architecture. You sense character and authenticity in a building that is related to its location, for a region's architectural vernacular is shaped by local climate and available materials. We have accentuated our communities by gardens, pools, walls, gates, seats, gazebos, and follies, fundamental to the spirit and character of the ensemble, but thoughtfully placed where people will use them. Careful placement of seats, gazebos and other structures that welcome use gives life to the community, whether in use or not.

Withstanding the Test of Time

A well-planned ensemble makes a good investment because they add character to the community at large. In many cases, today's top developments are tomorrow's historic districts. We have built this community for your enjoyment for many years to come.

Welcome to Seal Harbor Coastal Communities

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